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MASTERING ENGINEER - Ashley Peter Smith - Ashley Peter Smith

I'm Ashley, and I've been working in the music industry for over two decades as a touring musician, creative producer, live engineer and Mixing and Mastering engineer.

While the most common pathway for engineers gravitating toward mastering is to work their way up through the studio environment, as a musician and creative I took a different route, developing my interest in audio engineering from an artist's perspective. As a result, I consider myself more concerned with how quality of sound contributes to art, as opposed to valuing it solely for it's own sake, as an audiophile might.

For over five years now I've dedicated myself to the pursuit of quality sound in audio and music, working in both live and studio environments, with countless artists, both independent and signed, on a huge range of projects. Initially freelance, I established Lightswitch Mastering in 2023 as a personable, professional online mastering service for artists, producers, studios and labels.

To me, Mastering is only possible from the culmination of diverse experience. It is possibly the least "creative" part of music production - but also requires the highest degree of creative sensitivity and artistic understanding, for you have to tread very carefully when making changes to someone else's art.

It's relatively easy to provide masters that sound louder and brighter in comparison, but achieving fully-rounded, creatively-focused and transformative masters that elevate music to new heights requires a deeper, more intuitive understanding of music itself. This is what I strive for with every project I work on.





"An excellent engineer. He listens carefully to the music to bring out what is important during the mastering process."

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