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My bespoke studio, located in the wilds of Kent, offers an exceptional listening environment for accurately judging sound, and a whole host of specialist tools for high end monitoring and processing.


The studio is centred around my Sessiondesk Solo mastering desk, with two ECO A100 bass trap monitor stands supporting a pair of Neumann KH80s. Underneath the desk sits a Neumann KH750 subwoofer. All three of these speakers have been calibrated to the room, using the MA1 microphone and alignment software. For alternative monitoring, I use Slate VSX headphones and software.

Studio side angle


I use Cubase, Wavelab and RX software with a tailored collection of high end plug-ins from developers such as FabFilter, DMG, Relab, Acustica Audio, Tone Projects, TDR, Sonnox, Softube, Oeksound, Kazrog (and more). For analog processing, I subscribe to Access Analog, making use of their large collection of classic outboard processors and high end converters.

Digital-to-analog conversion is handled via the excellent RME Babyface Pro FS, and I use a TC Electronic Clarity M for real-time audio analysis. Finally, I use acoustic treatment from GIK Acoustics, a combination of Slatfusor panels and 242 absorbers to control reflections around the listening position.

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